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I have tried almost everything ( except surgery) to keep working with bad SI joints. Dr. Yaeger managed to help me in couple of sessions.I wasn’t a believer in chiropractor he totally surprised me with the result.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Been in the carpet cleaning industry and working long hours a day it’s very hard on your back,neck and shoulders. But when I need a good back alingment I come in to see DR. Yaeger is  the best, very professional and knowlageable. I also bring in my kids and they love getting adjusted. I have recomended gary to friends and family and I would highly recommend him to every one that needs help with their back & neck.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Went to Dr. Yaeger today. Have not needed chiropractic help in a while. I walked in for a 10:00 AM appointment in pain, walked out at 10:15 AM pain free. I have NEVER wrote a review before. But this service and the fact I left pain free after being in pain for the last 2 weeks, just screamed, write a review. Thanks Gary.

Patient name withheld for privacy

My family has been visiting Dr. Yaeger for about 10 years.  We have gone for adjustments and other health and nutrition services.  Dr. Yaeger and his staff are knowledgeable, and professional in every way.  He has brought our family members back to health on many occasions.  My daughter suffered migraines all through elementary school.  Her medical doctor wanted to put her on meds.  Dr. Yaeger diagnosed her problem and fixed it within a few weeks.  She never suffered headaches again.

Patient name withheld for privacy

This testimonial is way overdue! Thank You for helping me become a healthier me!

My particular condition was in excruciating, incapacitating pain in my left hip area. It began on October 10, 2015 and lasted until June 13, 2016. The first appointment with Dr. Yaeger on June 13 was the first day I started my recovery process. Recovery was gradual for about three months then I was practically back to normal by nine months. Now, I am happy to say I am back to walking four miles a day and pain free.

Before seeing Dr. Yaeger I had been seen by 15 doctors. The tests performed were; 3 MRI’s, 2 CT scans, blood work, and 6 pain injections. Oh and I also tried acupuncture. None of these gave me relief.

I was forced to use a wheelchair and or cane to move around. Driving was out of the question, because of the pain. And it was necessary to take strong pain med’s regularly.

My girlfriend suggested I see Gary. She thought it may be my back.

It turns out it was not my back, but that I had parasites called, “Flukes”. Apparently they settled in the soft tissue of my hip area and then spread to various organs.

My treatment of homeopathic remedies began working immediately. I was monitored closely and given written detailed instructions. At first my appointments were every other day and as I got better they were more spread out.

Thank you very much to all of the Wellness Center staff. I appreciate your kindness and being so accommodating.

Dr. Gary Yaeger thank you from the bottom of my heart! You helped me get my life back and I will be Forever Grateful!!!


Patient name withheld for privacy

I am writing to tell you that not only do I feel better during this past year and a half under your care but now my laboratory results show changes!

You and I have been working together about once a month to evaluate and regulate my endocrine system with particular attention to blood glucose level, thyroid function, and stress management. You have provided excellent guidance on dietary choices that are healthier for my digestion and overall health, and given me the supplements that must be right for me. For the first time in few years my fasting blood sugar was less than 100 !!! And, my family MD asked how I was regulating my Vitamin D so well? “Most people’s lab values come back to high or too low; yours is just right.” I explained that the dosing is regulated monthly with our muscle testing and the dosage adjusted as needed.

So, again Thank You for your knowledgeable and experienced assessment, evaluation, education, and care.

Patient name withheld for privacy

This is a testimonial from one of my current patients and she asked me to share it with everybody.

I would like to tell my story and experience with Dr. Yaeger. I have been a diabetic for over 40 years. When I was younger, I was able to control it with diet and exercise. However, in my mid-to-late 40″s I needed to start taking oral medication. Three years ago, I had to begin taking insulin injections twice a day, and despite a healthy diet and active lifestyle, I have still not been able to get my sugars nor my weight under control. While researching my disease, I found that insulin has a tendency to put on weight. Along with the extra weight came an increased need for insulin. I felt like I was trapped in a vicious cycle.

I was referred to Dr. Yaeger by my daughter who was a patient of Dr. Yaeger’s and having good results.

During my first meeting with Dr. Yaeger, we discussed my goals for weight loss, lower blood sugars and my desire to stop taking insulin if possible. Dr. Yaeger asked me to start taking supplements, paying special attention to address concerns with my liver and pancreas. I was a bit skeptical of his findings, but was willing to participate in the program he prescribed. By the end of the program I was feeling much better, but saw little to no change in my weight and blood sugar levels. He reassured me this was normal.

Dr. Yaeger then asked if I would be willing to participate in a 21 day cleanse and start taking the supplement, Glysen to address my blood sugar concerns. I finished that program and the results are nothing short of AMAZING! I have lost 11 pounds, my blood sugar is lower and I am taking less insulin then before.

It is too early to have a blood test to see if my A1C levels have been lowered (this test is based on 3 month average, and is coming up soon). However, am inspired by the results and success I have experienced with Dr. Yaeger’s help, guidance and support. I am motivated to continue with my new ways and am confident that I will be off of insulin in the very near future.

I am blessed to have the best doctor in Walnut Creek caring for me.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before I came to Yaeger Chiropractic for Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Yaeger, my digestive system was majorly affecting my life. I had to quit my job because my nausea and vomiting was so unpredictable. Working out and hanging out with friends became harder as my stomach caused pain. I was constantly feeling like I had a cold, I felt moody, and generally I felt old. The scariest part was that my symptoms were getting worse, and I didn’t know how to feel better. I had heard about Nutrition Response testing from a friend. Since it was my digestive system that was causing me the most problems, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have Dr. Yaeger take a look. At first I was overwhelmed finding out that I had so many intolerances and allergies to food. What do I eat!!?? But I decided to trust him. At first, I slowly felt better. Now, I rarely have nausea–something I had daily for over a decade! What I didn’t expect through this whole process was that my symptoms related to moodiness, menstrual pain, body aches, sickness, etc. also went away. The staff at Yaeger Chiropractic is so welcoming, understanding, supportive, happy, and responsive. I tell everyone I know to try it out, whether you have digestive issues, aches and pains, or just want your body to feel its best. Take the time to call them. You will NOT be disappointed. Good luck!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Dr. Yaeger and his staff have helped me tremendously. After suffering from metabolic issues for over 3 years, I didn’t know what to do & traditional medicine failed me multiple times.. when I was introduced to muscle testing, I finally was given hope. After see Dr. Yaeger and having the support of Jessica  along the way, I have been on the road to recovery.

After my last visit with Dr. Yaeger I was fully convinced that the traditional system of medicine has failed myself and many others with chronic illnesses. I had undergone a 2 week long spell of dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. I went to my MD, they said I was “dehydrated” . They told me this after I told them multiple times I drink over a gallon of water a day. I went to see Dr. Yaeger and he tested me and my system was showing us that I had adrenal fatigue. He then put me on a regime to combat the underlying issue leading to the adrenal fatigue and within 3 days I was feeling better, 7 days fully recovered.

Dr. Yaeger is a master of his craft and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to heal their body the right way.

Patient name withheld for privacy

I came to Dr. Yaeger to head off all the symptoms that my older friends were having with menopause. They all said they wished they knew to get healthier before it’s onset. I was starting to experience sleeping difficulties and didn’t like the grogginess that even low doses of over-the-counter sleep aids caused. I just assumed this was my “early signs.” Little did I know, my adrenal system was extremely off balance. After about a three weeks of natural supplements to support my body’s self-healing, I began sleeping like a rock. Even if I wake in the night, I can go right back to sleep now.

Additionally, I always thought that stress was “who I am” and it couldn’t be avoided running my own business and a busy family. Getting my over-active adrenal system under control has been eye-opening. Now, I wonder how long it’s been this way. While I still have a very busy life and growing business, I can weather unexpected challenges a lot better.

If you are “stressed out” or “not sleeping” you need to see Dr. Gary.

Patient name withheld for privacy

In 2005 I began to feel very tired for no apparent reason; at least nothing was apparent to me.  I didn’t notice my fatigue until I started training for my first marathon.  After each training session, I would go home exhausted and take a nap.  My naps would last for 3+ hours!  I would wake up feeling fatigued and often take another nap.  Also, I noticed that I was gaining weight!  The gain in weight made no sense; after all I was training for a marathon and since when does Marathon = weight gain?

Finally when I went to see PCP (primary care physician), I mentioned the unusual weight gain (and we aren’t talking about one or two pounds, try 15 to 20) and that I was tired all the time.  His solution: exercise more and get to bed early!  I bought into it and didn’t press the issue any further because he was my doctor.  Unfortunately, I only continued to suffer from fatigue, weight gain, and abnormal menses well into the next year.  I wasn’t until I saw my nurse practitioner at my gynecologist’s office that I felt heard!  She ordered the appropriate blood tests and the results were that I had hypothyroidism!  I was relived because I knew that I could finally get a drug to make me feel better.

When I told Gary, he mentioned that there were other solutions that were safer and healthier.  I started taking my prescribed medication and did notice a difference; however it wasn’t until I started treatments with Gary that I began to feel great! I admit the whole hold your arm up and apply pressure muscle/organ stress test is a little weird but it works!

Gone are the days marathon naps, waking in the middle of the night to polish off a couple of bottles of water, and absent menses!  My naps are no longer than an hour and – the best part – I wake up feeling rested and awake!  My hair is softer, and I’m starting to lose the weight!!!!!!!  There was a period of time while I was first taking the medication that I thought I’d never lose the weight and I’d continue to be tired; however taking the organic supplements Gary has suggested is actually working!

As my body heals the amount of supplements I need reduces.  The supplements enable your body to be self sufficient without drugs.  As children we instinctively knew when we weren’t feeling well and as adults, we tend to let our bodies and health suffer.  Not anymore, thanks to Gary I feel like me again!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Some people call it colic, fussy baby, GERD, acid reflux or any number of things.  Regardless of what it was referred to- I knew Cailyn was in pain.  Even after going to a specialist, she was still miserable, arching her back, crying all the time and unable to keep food down.  Dr. Yaeger was able to pinpoint the source of the pain for Cailyn and prescribe a treatment plan for us to follow.  She quickly showed signs of relief from her discomfort and we were finally able to see our baby smile!

Thank you!!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before I began the Nutrition Response Testing program, I had gained weight over the last five years and was very unhappy about it.  Nothing seemed to work, I wasn’t seeing enough results with exercise alone.  I am now three and a half months into the Nutrition Response Testing program and I have lost half of the amount of weight I wanted to lose.  I feel better about myself (self-esteem) and I know my body is healthier, due to supplements I take.  Dr. Yaeger put me on a diet, which did take some getting used to, but has worked very well and is not hard to stay on.  I now shop at a local farmers market each week and in general I buy healthier foods and spend more time in the produce section of the supermarket.  It just takes determination.  I am very grateful for Dr. Yaeger’s helpful advice and enthusiasm.

Patient name withheld for privacy

My doctor recommended that I start medication for high blood pressure, why I asked?  I was already on medication for cholesterol!  In 2002 my blood pressure was 196/108; the cholesterol medicine had caused my levels to go from 235 to 265.  I decided to change my medication.  By doing so, I started having severe muscle aches.  I refused to take my cholesterol medication any longer as I was at 217.  I always felt extremely tired in the early afternoons and needed naps!

I started the Nutrition Response Testing program and my cholesterol level has dropped to 195 and seems to be staying there!  I no longer take high blood pressure medications and my blood pressure has dropped to 105/72 – 118/81.  I no longer feel the need to take an afternoon nap.  I have also lost several unwanted pounds and I have started eating healthier!

Patient name withheld for privacy

I began to see Dr. Yaeger for Nutrition Response Testing after receiving a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism. Even though I was taking medication for my slow thyroid, I was still experiencing constant fatigue, weight gain, inability to concentrate and many other symptoms that I was not even aware were related to my thyroid.

The doctor that diagnosed me with hypothyroidism also broke the news to me that I would have to try a number of different medications to try and get pregnant and that it might not even work so he prepared me for the possibility that I would need to seek help from a fertility specialist and do IVF.

After taking the supplements Dr. Yaeger prescribed for me in only three days, I began to notice drastic changes!  I had slept through the night for the first time in years.  I had energy and better yet I quickly walked up two flights of stairs and was not winded!  I didn’t even realize that any of these nuances that I grew accustomed to were related to my thyroid.

The best news of all… the first month of treatment I GOT PREGNANT!  No change to medications, no IVF, nothing except for the help that Dr. Yaeger blessed me with and now in April of 2008 we will have our first beautiful baby!!!


Patient name withheld for privacy

We came to see Dr. Yaeger because my daughter Mia’s face was consistently breaking out in a bright red rash localized around her mouth. Her face would be extremely irritated and she would scratch it until it bled. It was obviously a food allergy, so we went to Dr. Yaeger for a nutritional analysis. We heard from a friend how much he had helped their infant.


After Dr. Yaeger’s first analysis and implementation of nutritional supplements, Mia’s face has never looked better. Her cheeks are pink like a baby’s skin should be, not red and flaky and irritated. Dr. Yaeger’s Nutrition Response Testing program has made our little 9 month old a very happy camper! As you can see from the before and after photos…the results speak for themselves!

Patient name withheld for privacy

My first appointment today with him was very satisfactory because the way he interacted, explained and listened made me so at ease.

Patient name withheld for privacy

A big thank to Dr Yaeger. I called on a Friday in so much pain, my fault of coarse for not making an appointment sooner. He fit me in at the last minute. And gave me the right adjustments to keep working. I’m part of a small family business and there’s no room for down time. I feel great today which is day after appointment and would highly recommend Dr. Yaeger to anyone interested in chiropractic services

Patient name withheld for privacy

Been with him for years! Ever since I sprained my ankle and he helped me in a very professional and timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yaeger to all my friends and family.

Patient name withheld for privacy

I don’t usually write reviews, but when I’m a fan of someone- I want to scream and shout!  My experience with Dr. Yaeger:  Went to see him for an SI injury with pain at 100%.  Hurt to walk, sit, sleep, stretch… you name it!   Left first visit at 40%.  Left second visit a week later with NO PAIN.   As far as I’m concerned- he’s simply AMAZING.  I’m a true believer in what he does- HEAL.  I’ve referred all my clients to him and they have all agreed his healing and knowledge is NEEDED for overall health.  If you’re reading reviews to find a good chiropractor- please go see him.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Gary is the best!  I am in the middle of the nutritional testing program with him and I feel amazing!  He is very knowledgeable and the vitamins he recommends are top grade and affordable to boot.  I am a huge believer in his program as already my energy has soared and my chronic pain is just a minor stiffness and I’m not even done with the program!  

Also, his staff is wonderful; very sweet ladies.  My best friend referred me to him and thank God she did.  This is the edge I needed for my health.  Believe it or not the nutrition testing helped heal my back pain. I was desperate when I went in to see him and very skeptical anyone could help as I had already had quite a few treatments done.  His nutritional testing program did the trick.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Tweaked my upper back recently and had to visit Gary again.  After an examination, he assured me the problem was minor and with a couple of visits, the pain should go away fairly quickly.   Within a little over a week I was back to normal.  Thanks again Dr. Yaeger.  Great Chiropractor in my book.

Patient name withheld for privacy

My lower back went out watching a Giants playoff game (I guess I got a little too excited).  Gary booked me for an appointment in short notice.  Once in his office, he questioned me about my back problems, put me on a muscle stimulator and stretched and adjusted my back.  He gave me stretching exercises to preform as well as core building exercises.  I have been going back to him for the last 4 weeks and am pleased to announce that my back is getting better by the day and almost back to 100%.  He is very professional and his office staff is very friendly.  Hard to find people looking out for you best interest and visiting this office gives you that impression.  A+ satisfied and  A+ recommended.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Twofold here for Dr. Yaeger’s chiropractic work and fertility work.  A throwback chiropractor.  Dude’s strong so he doesn’t rely on a lot of fancy tools for adjustment.  Pure elbow grease to help you with allignment which I love.  Secondly, my wife and I had pregnancy difficulties.  We did IVF with the reproductive science center in San Ramon and had our son in 2010, cool miracle.  We wanted a 2nd child, and all blood analysis at RSC indicated we were in worse shape, facing a very low percentage of success for IVF.  We went over it with Dr. Yaeger and we decided to fully dedicate to his program.  His protocol, prayer, positive throught, along with Safeway”s ovulation kit, we got pregnant. Mind you this was only one bedroom session as well (i’m serious too). Our son was born January 4th ’11. Thank you for the $30k savings Dr. Yaeger.  Also, he’s a parent of a small child too so he has good understanding as a counselor on a variety of issues related to children (toddler chiropractic, nutrition, etc). We are in there all the time if you ever need non IVF or IVF assistance from my wife and I.  just let Deanna know at the front desk.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Dr Yaeger works wonders! Nutrition response testing is what really sets him apart from others and it is an amazing program! traditional chiro techniques didn’t seem to offer long term relief for joint pain i experienced a while back, but once i was tested and started the supplements Dr. Yaeger recommended, i was quickly back to feeling great. He has helped me with what i thought was arthritis in my hand, heartburn during pregnancy, and even colic in my infant daughter! Gary is the first guy we call when any of us aren’t feeling 100%! Thanks!!!

Patient name withheld for privacy


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